Join us this Sunday for a 20-minute e101 immediately following the Worship Experience. This is a chance for you to find out more about Elevation Church and get plugged in to this movement of God. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark  My crew. ‍‍‍❤️  Is it just us, or is there a ☁☁☁ beginning to swell #ElevationHickory? Come find out this weekend! 11:30AM 909 10th ST NE Hickory, NC 28601  If you live in or around Hickory, NC and attend Elevation Church you have probably had the conversation when inviting one of your friends or co-workers to church that sounds something like, "this place is awesome! You really need to come see this! Oh, and it's only an hour away". For 4 years @shelayount and I drove to Charlotte to be a part of this movement of God. We've met a lot of people during this time, but these people are different. During that 4 years we developed a relationship with these people by not just attending Elevation, but by serving alongside them so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ. Today, they returned the favor and made the drive to @elevationhickory to be a part of this movement of God in Hickory, NC. The love and support I have experienced from these people is indescribable, and I am humbled and thankful to know them. So a huge thank you to Kristen, Valerie, and Stephen for coming to support us today in Hickory!  • E A S T E R • Sunday 11:00AM 909 10th ST NE Hickory, NC 28601 #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark
 The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2 #PrayForManchester  [ TODAY IS MY DAY ] Every week we give people the opportunity to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. This past weekend we saw 2 people boldly declare that they are a new creation in Christ by praying a prayer that included "today is my day". It was their day because the old is now gone, and the new is here, and today they no longer walk alone, but with a risen savior that will forever change their life. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark #WereBuildingSomethingHere  This past weekend Pastor Steven Furtick preached about how sometimes we are so traumatized about our past, that we keep ourselves from celebrating and receiving the very thing that we have been praying for. 8 people at yesterday's Watch Party decided to stop running from the rain, and receive the blessing that God has for them by boldly declaring Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We are celebrating alongside them for this decision and their lives forever being changed. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark #WereBuildingSomethingHere  We can't wait to kick off our new series "There Is A Cloud" this Sunday! You've heard the music but now we get to experience the story behind the songs. We believe God is going to speak the word that you need through this series, so make plans to be there on Sunday at 11:30AM. 909 10th ST NE Hickory, NC 28601 #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark  How are you living today?  • My People • Tonight some of our @elevationhickory team took a road trip to the Matthews location to worship, and take communion together at the Good Friday Worship Experience. Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” These people continue to challenge me with their audacious faith to reach our people in Hickory, NC. Their consistent dedication to our mission is like I have never experienced before, and I am beyond grateful to be a part of this movement of God. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark
 Sometimes, the biggest barrier between us and our blessings is not the challenges around us, but our expectation for God to show up in the same way He did in our past. Watch this weekend's sermon, "Barriers To Blessings," by clicking here: #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark    Don't let what's BEHIND YOU make you miss what's BEFORE YOU. -Pastor @stevenfurtick  We're building something's a church...but don't be mistaken, it's not a building, it's these people. Such an honor to be a part of this movement of God. Come check it out next Sunday at 11:30AM at 909 10th ST NE Hickory, NC 28601 #elevationhickory #werebuildingsomethinghere  • 2 7 • The number of people we are celebrating alongside for the decision they made to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ today in Hickory, NC. Romans 10:9, it says, “If we confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and believe He was raised from the dead, we will be saved.”. These people boldly shot their hands in the air when Pastor @stevenfurtick gave the invitation to confess that Jesus is Lord of their lives. This is only the beginning, and we are believing and expectant for what God is going to do in our city. We exist so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ. Come to next week’s Watch Party and see what God can do through you. #ElevationChurch #EasterAtElevation #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark  The weekend is here and we are expectant for all that God is going to do in Hickory, NC, and through you. Join us on Sunday at 11:00AM at 909 10th ST NE Hickory, NC 28601 for an incredible Easter experience. We are saving a seat for you. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark