SURRENDER  Today Pastor @stevenfurtick preached “The hardest thing in the world is to keep sowing without knowing.” This image reminds me that sometimes I need to surrender the things that I think are in my control so that God can move in a much greater way. #ElevationHickory     SUNDAY  We’re ready for YOU! Join us Sunday for week 4 of #SavageJesus and see what God can do through you! 10:00AM Moretz Mills 74 8th ST SE Hickory, NC 28602 #ElevationHickory #ElevationChurch  Be a part of an awesome team! Stop by the orange tent this Sunday to sign up for Elevation 101 on March 4th. Come see what God can do through you!  So proud of Miss Lil and her team for being so consistently awesome this year! Can’t wait for Nationals! #wearefaMily  Miss Lil had to give Mr. Ian’s 4x4 a push! ❄️ #mycatawbacounty #catcosnow
 • 14 • Today we declared the words “The gates of hell will never stand a chance” and for 14 people that was definitely the case when they said YES to beginning a relationship with Jesus. We will not take this for granted and can’t wait to see what God does through these people. The best is yet to come! #EasterAtElevation #ElevationHickory  So proud of #MissLil and her team for bringing home a National Championship, and a Gold Bid to US Finals this past weekend! #wearefaMily   Power belongs to the one who was and is to come Power belongs to our God, Alleluia  -Elevation Worship  “God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.” Thank you, Dr. Graham, for the life you lived, the legacy you left, and the millions you inspired. #BillyGraham  • Sit Down • Today Pastor @stevenfurtick challenged us to simply sit down and have a conversation with someone that may not look like us, or believe the same things. Before that, we spent some time as a @elevationhickory Volunteer Team and prayed over each chair, and the people that would be in those chairs. In a society where we are so quick to comment without a real conversation, it’s more important than ever that we simply sit down and listen to one another for the purpose of learning, and not to just respond. Try it, and see what God can do through you.  The Unsung Heroes  As we were finishing the Worship Experience yesterday at @elevationhickory I looked back and saw just a glimpse into how God is working through our Production Team. You see, this team is full of people that you will probably never meet, or see most of the time. They are the unsung heroes that show up at 5:00AM every Sunday morning to run cables, set up speakers, screens, and mount projectors for the very purpose of preparing a place for someone to hear the awesome word of God in Hickory, NC. The words selfless, dedicated, professional, and driven are just a few that come to mind when I think about this team. I am grateful to be a part of this movement of God, and to be in battle with people just like this! #wwnttfg #leaveamark #ElevationHKY
 Ready for a change? Come experience darkness turned into light. Sunday ^ 10:00AM ^ Moretz Mills  Our little Luke Dylan is officially one week old   Celebrating 5 people in Hickory that made the decision to make Jesus their Lord and Savior today! Best decision you could have ever made! Come on somebody!  Car seat safety refresher class! #WeAreStoked #SafetyFirst #YountPartyOfFive  We’re celebrating 4 people saying YES to Jesus today! This is why we do what we do. Come see what God can do through you! #ElevationHKY #LeaveAMark  So proud of Miss Lil and her team for winning 1st place in today’s Winter Nationals competition! #wearefAmily #Maiden

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