Sometimes, we get stuck — not just in a place — but in our own heads. But how can we follow our calling when we’re trapped inside our own minds? Join us on Sunday at 10:00AM at Moretz Mills for powerful worship and an encouraging message. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #BarsAndBattles  • FRIDAY NIGHT • I'm so excited and expectant for what God is about to do in HKY tomorrow. Elevation Worship will be here along with an incredible message, and baptisms to top the night off! You don't want to miss this! #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #HKYNOW  Join me in wishing this lovely lady a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #HBD @shelayount!  Another awesome day serving at LOVE Week! Join us at the Hickory Soup Kitchen tomorrow between 9:00AM and 1:00PM to show HKY some ❤️ #LOVEweek  Loved seeing the hearts of volunteers serving at our first LOVE Week event in Hickory today. I can't wait to see how this week impacts our city! #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark #LOVEweek  We are so excited to bring Elevation Worship to Hickory, NC on August 11th! Mark your calendars now and join us for an amazing night of worship, and encouragement. August 11, 2017 7:00PM Moretz Mills 74 8th ST SE Hickory, NC 28602 *Childcare not provided #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark
 It's the weekend and we can't wait to see YOU! 10:00AM Moretz Mills 74 8th St SE Hickory, NC 28602 #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #BarsAndBattles  Don't miss MIXTAPE tomorrow morning at 7:00AM where Elevation Staff will be going LIVE on the Elevation Church Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #BarsAndBattles  LEROY Last Saturday we started off LOVE Week with a community carnival at Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry. We thought we were having an event for kids in the community, but God had a very different purpose in mind. A man named Leroy came to the carnival and was invited to church. Leroy came to church today for the first time, and left different man than when he walked in. He made the decision to accept Christ as his personal savior today. Today was Leroy's, and 10 other people's day where their lives are forever changed. So while the carnival was fun for the kids, God used a volunteer at that event to forever change Leroy's life. What small act of obedience can you do this week that will make a large impact on someone's life? Step out of your comfort zone and see what God can do through you. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark #LOVEweek2017  • My Silent Ninja • Whether she's taking care of the kiddos, speaking truth to me, or spending hours in planning and executing projects for church, she does it always with excellence as a forethought. She may not be out in front of everyone, but the work she does behind the scenes is phenomenal and always amazes me with the results of even the simplest task. She never expects credit, sees the bigger picture, and realizes that what she is a part of, is bigger than any one person. Of all the titles I hold, I am beyond honored to have the title of Husband to this woman. You make my boat so much better @shelayount. #thankful #pleasedontkillmeforpostingthis  Hickory! How about we bring @elevationworship to Moretz Mills on August 11th at 7:00PM for a Night of Worship? Come and See #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark  We're so excited to get to see you guys a little earlier next week! Starting Sunday July 23rd, we're starting at 10:00AM. Share, tag, and invite your friends! #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark
 [ NOW ] There was a shift in Hickory last tonight. 564 people came to a place that doesn't look like a church, to experience what God is doing in Hickory, NC. Some were curious, some had been there from the beginning, however we all experienced something in Hickory that has never happened before. We had an amazing time of worship, 16 people begin a relationship with Jesus, 24 baptisms, and a power message from Brad Hurn where he talked about not waiting for "that day". You don't have to have your life together. You don't have to know it all. Right NOW is the moment that God has placed you in for a very specific reason. Embrace it and act now. Don't let this moment pass. Sunday at 10:00AM you have a "right now" moment waiting for you. Come to Moretz Mills and see what you have been missing. Find the thing that will fill the void that you have been trying to fill with everything around you. NOW is the time, and we have prepared this place specifically for you. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #HKYNOW  Today was a good day :-)  If he can do it, you can do it!  #loveweek2017  • GROWING • Healthy things grow, and God continues to use this group of people to do amazing things in Hickory. Not only did we begin live worship today, but we got to pack 3000 hygiene kits that will be distributed to our ministry partners right here in HKY to spread this movement of God into our community. Come be a part of this move of God, you don't want to miss it. #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark  See and sign up for all the upcoming L❤️VE Week events happening in Hickory, here: #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark #LOVEweek  Today was a great day! #ElevationChurch #ElevationHickory #LeaveAMark #Repost @stephen_webb2 ・・・ Love seeing "a church that is built together." Great word, @micahncarter. This Extension in Hickory, NC is fired up! Thank you for the message, the tone, the fire, the offending of preferences, the encouragement ... you moved people forward in many cities today. Come hang again anytime. And that "When you pick a side, you divide." That got me 🤕. Real good! #elevationextension #stak2017