Post gas bubble extraction. #happyian #prouddaddy w/ @shelayount  My hott lunch date and baby-mama! #gettingthingsdone #ticktock #ianwhereuat  Outstanding outreach meeting tonight at @elevationchurch! LOVE Week is only 102 days away! #LOVEweek #catawbacounty #elevationchurch  I.Love.My.eGroup! Tonight we had a cookout to end this season of eGroup. Be on the look out for at least 3 new eGroups starting from this group starting as soon as next week! Message me for details :-) #catawbacounty #egroups #elevationchurch  Wow, what an awesome night with this team! We traveled to Winston Salem to attend Elevation Church Extension Triad's first preview Worship Experience, then had some quality time at dinner. We will definitely not take this for granted, and believe that the best is yet to come for Triad, ROA, and Catawba County! #elevationchurch  Tonight we had the opportunity to share communion with each other as an eGroup. We took some time to pray about what Jesus' sacrifice means to us, and how we can share it with others. So whether you were aware of it or not, you were prayed for tonight. Want to experience God's truths and promises? Come to church with me this Friday night. You will not regret this decision. Message me for details. #elevationchurch #catawbacounty #EasterAtElevation #egroups  After the egg hunt? Yep! Before the baked ham? Yep! Join us for #EasterAtElevation. April 3-5. Click here for times and locations:  This is how we rock out a daddy/daughter date night!  Ever wonder what #elevationchurch is all about? Well, this is the center of everything we do. #catawbacounty #AR14  So excited about Optimus, the new system to manage our outreach projects at #elevationchurch! #LOVEweek2015 #catawbacounty
 I am simply blown away by the love that we received today from our friends on the other side of the world! Thank you @geoffherbig @hherbig and kiddos for the awesome AUS swag! w/ @shelayount  My hott lunch date and baby-mama! #gettingthingsdone #ticktock #ianwhereuat  This may look like a crowd of people walking out of church, however, this crowd is different. These are people that stood up and stepped out of their seats at the 11:30 AM Worship Experience to be baptized today at @elevationchurch Blakeney. #raisedtolife #elevationchurch #ilovemychurch #WWNTTFG  Hello son! #happybaby #babyian w/ @shelayount  A little rest and refuel before we join our friends at Elevation Church Extension Triad for #EasterAtElevation! #elevationchurch  My wifey totally rocked out our bedroom today with some new digs! w/ @shelayount  I had the opportunity to experience a baptism this morning at @elevationchurch. This photo is why I love my church. Rooted in Jesus, prayer, and celebrating people being raised to life in Christ. #elevationchurch #catawbacounty #raisedtolife  A healthy church is a growing church. Catawba County folks, check out a worship experience at the Lake Norman Campus! #elevationchurch #catawbacounty #AR14  There are 7,401 people in eGroups at #elevationchurch. You can be 7,402! Catawba County peeps, join us Wednesday at 6:30 PM! Call/txt me for info: 828-320-4901 #catawbacounty #egroups #AR14  "The Aftermath" of eGroup breakfast night! Tonight we were filled with delicious food, awesome conversation, and God's word. I am so thankful for everyone in this eGroup, and for the people yet to be in this group. We will not take this for granted! #elevationchurch #catawbacounty #egroup #TBIYTC #WWNTTFG
 1709 people made the decision to publicly get baptized last weekend at Elevation Church. It's an honor to be a part of a healthy church that is focused on reaching people far from God and raising them to a life in Christ! #elevationchurch #raisedtolife #catawbacounty  My hott lunch date and baby-mama! #gettingthingsdone #ticktock #ianwhereuat  This is happening right now! 1000's of people are making it public that they made the decision to start a relationship with Christ! There's still time! Just show up, that's all you have to do! #elevationchurch #baptisms #raisedtolife  I've never experienced an Easter weekend quite like this one! Friday: Worship Experience at @elevationchurch Blakeney. Saturday: Preview Worship Experience at Elevation Church Extension Triad. Sunday: Volunteered at the Connections Tent, watched as thousands of people came to hear truth and life be spoken into their lives, and had the honor of being a part of 4 baptisms at Elevation Church - Blakeney! Things change when Jesus is in the center of your life. I am thankful for Jesus' sacrifice for my (and your) life. #thankful #EasterAtElevation #catawbacounty  You have several more opportunities to attend a worship experience at don't want to miss this! Details here: #EasterAtElevation #catawbacounty  Thankful that there so many ways to hear God's word. One of those ways is on TV. Are you one of these viewers? #elevationchurch #catawbacounty #AR14  Such a great time at today's cook out at Claremont Park! 50-60 people braved the chilly weather to eat some hamburgers, hot dogs, play in the park, and challenge each other in some intense corn hole games! #catawbacounty #cookout  Free hamburgers and hot dogs for the whole family! Playground for the kids and corn hole for the adults! There will be Live Music! So bring a chair and come hang out! Date: 3/28/2015 Time: 4:00 PM Place: Claremont Park (3384 E Main St, Claremont, North Carolina 28610) Details: #catawbacounty #freefood #cookout  Are you attending or watching online? Neither? Start here: #elevationchurch #ar2014 #catawbacounty  Good morning #catawbacounty! "So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up." (‭Galatians‬ ‭6‬:‭9‬ NLT) #truth #sunrise

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