I am honored that God has put these people in my path. Tonight we set out to pack and wrap 50 shoeboxes for the children at the Hickory Soup Kitchen. We ended up packing 64 shoeboxes and 78 adult hygiene kits! We dream big and start small, and God provides us with so much more! Thank you to all that have been a part of this outreach project so far! The best is yet to come! #catawbacounty #egroup #elevationchurch #hickorysoupkitchen #christmas  The chicken salad is made and in the fridge chilling. Come help make sandwiches, deliver, and serve them to people that are homeless in Catawba County tomorrow at Highways and Hedges in Conover. Join here: #catawbacounty #egroup #elevationchurch #feedingpeople  Pick a food truck, any food truck! Chillin' with some awesome volunteers at the @elevationchurch Blakeney Christmas party! #elevationchurch #christmas #thankful  Do you want to build a snowman? About to get our flurry on! w/ @shelayount and Miss Lil #frozen  Thankful for my wifey that can totally rock out a Thanksgiving meal like this! Today was a great day! I love you @shelayount ;-) #thanksgiving #firsts #yummm  So I just won a ham! #specialolympics #foodlion #thanksgiving #bingo #statesvillenc  This is what we do! #soproudofher #proudparents #shelillee #eGroups #BAM  My view today. #carolinapanthers #keeppounding #panthernation  Going back to Bethel to play some drums for Jesus today. Prayers are appreciated :-) Sidenote: Sporting my #elevationchurch cap this AM  We decided to build an extension in our back yard. #lilyisseven #webuiltacastleratherthanasnowman #boing #bouncehouse #jumpjumpslide
 Tonight, I was honored to serve along-side these people (and many more from Catawba County) to feed ~300 hungry people. Many churches and people in the community came together tonight to be the church. This is what the hands and feet of Christ look like! #thankful #catawbacounty #egroup #elevationchurch #highwaysandhedges  Join us in praying for these words in the coming year. That we will be Complete in what we have been blessed with, Reach people in Catawba County for Jesus, and show people Love in all that we do, say, and think. These are our words, what's your word? #elevationchurch #surround #catawbacounty #thebestisyettocome  Had a great time last night at Shrek w/ @shelayount, Miss Lil, and @cindyyountlc86! #catawbacounty #shrek #communitytheater #hickorync  This might not look like an amazing place, but in this place amazing things happen with amazing people, each week. I invite you to be a part! :-) #catawbacounty #egroup #elevationchurch  This was my view in 2002 behind my drum set on ~10ft scaffolding while I played with the greatest band in the world, the WCU Pride of the Mountains Marching Band! Oh BTW, you check them out this year, opening the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade :-) #mountainstomacy #wcu #POTM  If you're in Hickory today, you might see this BING Maps car driving around. #hickorync #catawbacounty #bing #maps  Still smiling even after a tough loss today. #carolinapanthers #keeppounding #panthernation  This is what Christmastown USA looks like at 45mph in November thanks to @brtsgt #christmas  #Repost from @pastorsteven: Hey @ElevationChurch staff - CONGRATULATIONS on being recognized as best place to work in Charlotte for the second year straight by the Charlotte Business Journal! #ElevationChurch #thankful  Had a great time this morning at Hart Square with the Leadership Catawba Class! #catawbacounty #history #culture #art #recreation
 Just getting started! Dream BIG start small. #expectant #catawbacounty #egroup #elevationchurch  Thankful and honored that I have a wife that loves Jesus and that we get to give to God through @elevationchurch so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ. #elevationchurch #catawbacounty #egroup #surround  Tonight at eGroup we discussed giving our best to God, and what we had to give. Here are some of those things. "It's not about the amount you give, it's about your attitude when giving...we all have different amounts." -Pastor @pastorsteven #catawbacounty #egroup #elevationchurch #surround  Caught this beautiful show just before dark tonight w/ @shelayount & Miss Lil #Godart #sunset And God saw that the light was good. Then he separated the light from the darkness. (‭Genesis‬ ‭1‬:‭4‬)  Want to get involved with making Christmas extra special for kids locally this year? We have the opportunity to bless FIFTY kids this Christmas with gifts at the Hickory Soup Kitchen! COMMENT to get involved! We are looking for donations of 27 Coloring Books & 30 packs of Crayons today! Comment & let me know how many you will donate! MERRY CHRISTMAS!  w/ @leeyount #catawbacounty #hickorysoupkitchen #merrychristmas #catawbacountyegroup #egroups #elevationchurch #giveselflessly  Super long, but so worth the read if you have a minute or two... I am so excited about the newest outreach project our eGroup is going to rock out this season!  Back in July, we participated in Love Week with our church. One of the opportunities we had was to spend quality time with those at the Hickory Soup Kitchen!  It was such a great time!! One of the things we were not expecting when we spent our day there was seeing the amount of children that came through the doors... When you hear the words "homeless" or "going without", you definitely do not picture a child saying it.  It touched our hearts, the amount of gratitude these kids (and parents) had. I (@shelayount) got to hang out with a single mom, her four year old, and her 8 month old.  I held the baby while she and her son finished eating.  I will never forget the moment the four year old looked at me and said "This is my favorite place to come! Thank you for giving me something to eat today!" Four... the kid was four... This conversation led to him telling me that the next week was his birthday and he would be five years old! He was so excited! It was an honor to sit with that family that day. With this being said, we have decided to treat the kids of the Hickory Soup Kitchen with Christmas Gifts this year!  We are going to provide 50 shoeboxes full of warm weather essentials, goodies, school supplies, and hygiene kits to each child that walks in the door for Christmas! This is where YOU come in...we need your help with this outreach project, and we would LOVE to have your support! You can help by donating items listed below, coming to our shoebox packing & wrapping party, and/or signing up to help us deliver the shoeboxes to the Hickory Soup Kitchen, the week of Christmas!  Please message me letting me know how you would like to be a part of blessing these children. I am so excited the season of giving is upon us, but even more so that we get to make 50 kids happy this year, some for the first time, by receiving a Gift for Christmas! Thanks for reading! :) #christmas #catawbacounty #egroup #hickorync #elevationchurch  Well, we finally got our picture in Christmastown USA...kind of. #christmas #carolinapanthers #keeppounding #panthernation #whatwasthat #disappointedducks  Wow! Amazing message from @christinecaine tonight at #elevationchurch! If you are able to make it to a location this weekend, you will definitely be blessed with a word from God! #surround  That time you felt someone watching you, and you look in your rearview mirror to see this...#olaf #frozen #creepy #someonebuiltasnowmaninmybackseat #lilyisseven  Awesome discussion tonight at eGroup about Authority & Honor. We are dreaming big and starting small in this season, starting with several outreach projects so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ in Catawba County. #catawbacounty #egroup #ElevationChurch #honor #authority

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